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'When the Shadows Fall', Lyric and Music by Max Dolin, 1924 - Sheet Music PDF

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For violin arrangements (with Piano Accompaniment) of 'Bonnie Sweet Bessie'
 and 'When the Shadows Fall' (click here)



Bonnie Sweet Bessie  (1925)


Celia Waltz  (1923)


Cielito Lindo  (1922)


Close Your Eyes- Waltz (1925)

El Telephono a Larga Distancia  (1921)


Josefina Foxtrot (1922)


La Copa Del Olvido (1922) 


La Golondrina  (1920)


La Tristeza de Pierrot (1923)


Longing Waltz (1924)

Longing for Home - March (1923)



Love's Old Sweet Song  (1925)



Marruecos (1822) 


Mi Noche Triste  (1922)

My Old Love - Tango  (1923)

Olimpica (1922)

On the Streets of Cairo (1920)


Serenade (1926)


Si Llego a Besarta  (1921)



Spanish Dance - Tango (1925)


Then You'll Remember Me (1926)


When the Shadows Fall (1924)


White Cavalry - Polka (1922)





     Other Numbers...

     Sweet Carmen (1922)

     The Cup of Forgiveness (1923)

     Turco (1922)

     Ojos de juventud (1922)

     The Peacock

      The Tango Girl



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