Presenting Virtuoso, Joseph Gold


Traveling the globe, Mr. Joseph Gold brings to his listening audience, stunning musical portraits exhibiting unique interpretation and heartfelt musicality that is only possible from a master violinist... a man who has spent his life steeped in the rich culture and tradition of the violin and its milieu.


Watch this wonderful autobiography...

Gold Violin: The Bow of Death


"Joe's knowledge and understanding of 'things Violin' is unparalleled... he is a virtual human biographical encyclopedia of violin artists and composers, past and present."

"Joe is an avid collector of historical violin artifacts... authentic manuscripts... or perhaps a casting of Paganini's hand, no problem... Paganini's hair, no problem... and I don't mean his bow hair!"



Watch Maestro Joseph Gold in these excerpts from...

The Home Concert 1

The Home Concert 2 

Joseph Gold plays, Duet for Solo Violin (#20 from 24 Etudes Classique, Opus 21) by Hubert Leonard.  This humorous sketch is followed by Manuel Quiroga's  Emigrantes Celtas which was composed in Paris in 1924.

And listen to...

Pablo Sarasate's
Zigeunerweisen as played by Joseph Gold with The San Francisco Concerto Orchestra conducted by Eric Hansen


About Mr. Joseph Gold...


Joseph Gold grew up in Southern California, the son of Russian emigrant parents. He began his violin studies at the age of eight.  A graduate of the University of Southern California, he had the privilege of being coached by the extraordinary Grisha Goluboff and the legendary Jascha Heifetz.

Mr. Gold, who makes his home in San Francisco, is an enthusiastic proponent of the "romantic revival" of Nineteenth Century violin music. He is an ardent author and lecturer on his two favorite virtuoso composer-performers, Paganini and Sarasate. Mr. Gold's numerous publications include his book, Paganini's Art of Violin Playing, as well as many transcriptions and original compositions. Mr. Gold's in-depth research into the life and work of Pablo de Sarasate has lead to the discovery of unpublished manuscripts.

Although steeped in the tradition of the Romantic style, Joseph Gold's programs are not restricted to the Nineteenth Century. He is an all-around musician who has premiered and championed many Twentieth Century compositions while maintaining a Baroque repertoire as large as many Baroque specialists.

Joseph Gold's warm personality and perfectly timed humor make him a popular guest artist on University campuses. He is eminently qualified as an "Artist in Residence" and holds a Master's Degree as well as three teaching credentials.

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